Refund and Returns Policy



Disappointed with your purchase? Find out how to cancel a purchase and get a refund. If you recently made a purchase through Visuallystellar that did not suit you, and you want to return the money, this page will help you with this. Below you will find all the information about what and when you can return, as well as how to start the refund process.

What types of products can I issue a refund for?
In general, our refund policy applies to all paintings and products that can be purchased at Visuallystellar. The exception is products marked as non-returnable. Additionally, Visuallystellar does not provide refunds for purchases made outside of

In what cases is it possible to return funds for purchases?
You can return the cost of any painting within 14 days from the moment of purchase. The reason can be any.
In addition, you will not be entitled to a refund if Visuallystellar determines that you are abusing the refund policy.

How to issue a refund?
To request a refund, click “Contact” on the Visuallystellar support page and submit the appropriate request.
For some purchases, you can issue a refund yourself.

How will I receive a refund?
By default, funds will be returned to the same payment method that was used to make the purchase, however, this is not always possible and will depend on the selected payment method. You and Visuallystellar can also agree on an alternative payment method. Please note that the time it takes to process a refund depends on your payment method.

Is there a refund for advance purchases?
You can cancel your pre-purchase and return the money at any time within 14 days from the moment of purchase.

What if my recently purchased product is now on sale at a discount?
You can return the purchase, having received a full refund, and immediately re-purchase the product, provided that the above conditions are met. In this case, it will not be considered as an abuse of the refund policy.

We recommend shipping your return with a service that provides tracking and insurance as we are not responsible for any packages lost in transit. All returns should be mailed to:

Štefan Zaťko
Predmestská 1711/46,
010 01 Žilina,

If Visuallystellar determines that you are abusing the refund policy, you will be denied a refund. We strive to ensure that you buy only the paintings you like, and this policy is designed to ensure a comfortable purchase and refund!

Last updated: August 30, 2022.
If changes are made to Visuallystellar’s refund policy, such changes will apply to subsequent purchases.